In short, the new Armageddon minigame is an exclusive based on great classics from the current community like Bed Wars. We will have 4 teams, each team consisting of 5 players. These teams will emerge in a building, each at a certain point on the map, where they will defend the core of their island as much as possible. The difference is that we have only one central Shopkeeper on the map to buy items to protect and improve your building. In addition of relying on character selection in the Waiting Lobby.

The shopkeeper, is the merchant villager who will be fixed in the center of the map of this minigame, having his economy that is based on Coins and Chips.

In its menu, the Villager is divided into 2 parts: on the left side the Shop system for each player, and on the right side the Team Improvement System.


Represented by the fishing rod, a player clicking on it will be redirected to a tab only with equipment sales, a class organized with general items that can be used in a game, from Swords to potions.

Still in the Shopkeeper menu, we list the 4 items that represent improvements to the team and your purchases are made only with Chips.

Sharp Swords
Your team gains the Sharpening enchantment on their swords (permanent).
Cost: 150 Chips.
Manic Miner
Seu time recebe o encantamento de Pressa I (permanente).
Cost: 48 Chips.

Reinforced Armor
Your team now has Protection enchantment on all armor.

Level 1: Protection I, 30 chips.           Level 3: Protection III, 120 chips.
Level 2: Protection II, 60 chips.           Level 4: Protection IV, 150 chips.

Activate traps to your building.

When activating one of these traps, the opponent may be blinded, slowed, or fatigued.

Reveals invisible players.
Cost: 14 Chips.
It's an adventure!
Applies Blind and Slow for 8s.
Cost: 24 Chips.
Applies Fatigue for 10s.
Cost: 14 Chips.

The trading system with the Shopkeeper recalls the Clash Of Buffs purchase mode, shopping for kills, different from the traditional BedWars that generates ores on the island. This explains why there is only one central NPC.

When eliminating an opponent you receive a certain amount of coins, these coins will be spent in the match with the Shopkeeper in the Equipment part, it is worth mentioning that they will be reset with each death.


All team upgrades are done with Chips at the Shopkeeper. To get them it is necessary to use the Chip Chargers scattered around the map.

Players have a maximum slot of 100 Chips, shown on their scoreboard. Since every 1 second, 1 chip is generated. Generators can only supply 50 chips.

If it runs out, it will only be active again in 3 minutes.

Particles will spawn at the generator location where the player is using it, at the same time as in the Scoreboard fills the chip points, a message informs the amount already collected in that generator, regardless of the player/team you pick up at 50 chips collected, the generator is restarted and the restart time limit is 3 minutes.

Chip Storage System

One way we adopt for the player to store them is by depositing the total amount that he has in his "portfolio", evidenced in the "scoreboard" in the improvement he intends to activate or evolve in the menu shopkeeper. There, his entire team will see the Chips that have already been deposited and by whom.

See the representation below:

Character System

You will have more than 8 characters to choose from in the "Waiting Lobby" (wl). Almost everyone will be paid, and you can buy in the lobby using Armageddon Coins. At least 4 characters will be released. When you choose a certain character from the w.l. menu, both are characterized by a "head" of the skin that represents it. As soon as the game starts you get the skin that the character has, throughout the game.

In the waiting lobby to select one character, he will have to open the Character Selection menu, and choose a category. They are 4:
Duelists, Sentinels, Launchers and Controllers.

In the example on the side we have the character selection menu open, in this example the Menu in question is the Controllers, displaying the heads that were bought/released by the player. the spaces filled by gray dye represent the remaining characters, but which have not yet been unlocked or are in development. O space occupied by the head Question represents: Choosing a random character from a given category.

Each character has a special ability, and all characters will be separated into categories, such as:

Duelists : Duelists are the most dangerous and attacking characters in Armageddon, they have a self-sufficiency capable of being responsible for the entire attack of the team.
Common Skills : High mobility, extra-human speed, strong in close-range combat, and tricks.

■ Armiferous
This character is part of the front line, being considered a warrior dangerous, because every 5 attacks of this one, it generates fatigue in your opponent, leaving him limited and more vulnerable to this combatant.

■ Andromeda
This being is the strongest character around, dealing area damage. Not counting that with each blow on his opponent, he throws him into the air. In addition to being very strong, he is very cunning ideal to open the way!

■ Ravenous Resonator
This character is cunning when attacking an opponent with his ability to inflict Stun the 3 closest enemies and reduce their visual range.

■ Viking Hunter
Vikings are ferocious and barbaric, killing everyone and everything in their path. With great strength and bravery, these characters complete a Duelist team by being Bloods. cold ones to open the way. They offer strength and regeneration to the closest fellow tier (Duelists).

Sentinels : Unlike Duelists who are the most aggressive and attacking characters in the Armageddon, the sentinels in turn are responsible for protecting all areas of the field of confrontation.
Common Skills : heals, slows, or blocks locations.

■ Mage
This class provides defense to the team by allowing force fields to be emitted and narrowing paths for possible attacks. Deal attacks by magic, causing Slow on the opponent.

■ Elder Watchman
The class of characters who are good with the bow, hitting their enemies that offer air hazards to their buildings. Your arrows become more powerful when using the enigmatic bow, sold by the Merchant.

■ Armed Researcher
This scientist during core splitting developed a powerful weapon that causes freezing in a 5 block radius for 3 seconds when thrown.

■ Healer
This character offers psionic healing for 6 seconds, that is, sending healing to your teammates via psychic medium, regardless of distance.

Launchers : The initiators are responsible for preparing the ground in advance, thinking about the his team's subsequent attack. Do you want to be one step ahead of the rival team? The launcher will help you.
Common Skills : Detect and track enemies, blind, heal allies.

■ Host Miner
Able to summon Black Holes more easily, offering high staff block-destroying speed when they're close by.

■ Nuclear Mutated
By being hit by nuclear waves, this character acquired a spikes skill of teleportation, that is, he can quickly teleport himself anywhere to preview an environment targeted. The effect is very fast, about 2 seconds of viewer movement.

■ Triune Striker
This character applies blind in a 10 block radius when hitting 3 times combo on the closest enemies.

■ Vengeful Shaman
This character applies health regeneration to his teammates when they attack a opposing building, and meanwhile, weakens enemies that approach your base.

Controllers : Like sentinels, controllers are also responsible for offering team support. They use the map to plot advantage over their opponents. Not to mention that this is only character class that offers skill upgrades in the shop.
Common Skills : Block visions, strategic, slows, smoke.

■ Irina, Ice Archer
This character has a true ice bow. She uses it to apply slow and stun enemies while moving quickly across the map.

Skill 1
Fire freezing arrows at your enemies. The first arrow to hit a enemy will cause slow 1 for 5 seconds. In case Irina fires and hits another arrow while your enemy is under the effect of slow, he will receive slow 2 for 5 seconds. If Irina hits a third arrow at the enemy still slowed by 2, that arrow will have a freezing effect, and will stun your enemy for 3 seconds.

Skill 2
By activating this skill, Irina will gain a large speed buff, which will last for 7 seconds. Right after those 7 seconds, she can dash in any direction, leaving a freezing trail behind back.
Ice trail: After dashing, Irina will leave a trail of ice on the ground that it will last 10 seconds and will damage and slow those who step on it. Irina case go across an enemy with your dash, Freezing Trail, in addition to causing damage and slowing, will stun the enemy for 3s.

■ Tupã, the Prince of Heaven
Tupã, with his trident, when hitting an enemy invokes a divine fury from the heavens with lightning, causing an explosion. It in turn causes blindness for 5s, after which the enemy will have one slowdown effect for 10s. Reload time: 40s.

■ Piolin the mischievous clown
Piolin, can spread surprise traps across the map. When stepping into a trap surprise, an explosion sound will appear, denouncing its location, in addition the enemy will be a slow effect for 10s. Plates that have not been activated will remain on the map for 200s. Reload time: 240s.

■ Shiva, the guardian of ice
Shiva, when hitting three snowballs on an enemy, will be slowed for 5s, after this effect the enemy will be under effect of weakness for 10s. If Shiva hits two more balls while the enemy is under the effect of poisonous snow, Shiva wins speed for 20s. Reload time: 40s.

Skill 2
Fire freezing arrows at your enemies. The first arrow to hit a enemy will cause slow 1 for 5 seconds. In case Irina fires and hits another arrow while your enemy is under the effect of slow, he will receive slow 2 for 5 seconds. If Irina hits a third arrow at the enemy still slowed by 2, that arrow will have a freezing effect, and will stun your enemy for 3 seconds.

Bridges should be recurrent because, you can be walking under ground and suddenly a part of it is consumed by Black Holes, which are randomly generated in areas different from the map. So always take some blocks with you.

This exclusive new minigame is awesome! Hold on tight, some cores will be destroyed. Don't leave yours!
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